JMO – Guns

Just because I’m a Democrat doesnt mean I support all the new gun controls going into place or trying to be put in place. I dont believe taking away our guns will be the answer. Unless we can set up officials to inspect every container that comes into each and every port in this nation we will never be able to stop the criminals from getting their hands on guns no matter what laws we have.

The mass shooting took place in a Gun Free Zone, where by law no guns are allowed, Omar Mateen, a Registered Democrat (how they know this is beyond me), a closet homosexual and a Muslim Terrorist proved just what gun advocates have been saying. When no one has guns, only the Terrorists and Criminals will have guns and use them to kill innocent people.

Yes we have gun violence in this country… we also have drunk drivers, spouse abusers, child abusers, sexual predators and a shit load of other undesirables.  We have laws in place for when those scum are caught, but nine out of ten times they will be found out by a regular joe… and who protects them until the police arrive?

You certainly don’t see these offenders busting up in a Bass sporting goods store… Just sayin.


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