Rüdesheim Coffee

Rüdesheim coffee combines strongly brewed java with a healthy splash of connoisseurs’ cult brandy, Asbach Uralt. The flambéed libation topped with luscious whipped cream and chocolate shavings gives coffee drinks a whole new meaning. This specialty can also be served as Rüdesheim espresso or Rüdesheim iced coffee. Enjoy!.


3 Sugar Cubes
3 T Asbach Uralt brandy, very warm
5 oz hot coffee


Sweetened whipped cream
Dark chocolate shavings (I’ll use milk chocolate thank you very much!)


Place sugar cubes in a coffee cup. Pour brandy over the cubes and light with a long match. Stir with a coffee spoon until all the sugar is melted. Allow to burn for 1 minute. Pour hot coffee into cup. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings.

Makes 1 serving

OMG doesn’t that sound good? I found this recipe while perusing through websites for Viking Cruises wishing….


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