Some Tuesday Freebies – for kindle

Mystery – 7 book set

Seven thrilling nautical mysteries benefiting The Veteran’s Writing Project.

A Dangerous Harbor: RP Dahlke When SF detective, Katrina Hunter, is placed on administrative leave after shooting her sister’s stalker, she takes a long overdue sailing vacation. But a floater off Baja, Mexico, changes everything she knows about dealing with crooks, liars, cheaters and murder.

Bluewater Killer: Charles Dougherty A psycho on a sailboat meets the two women who go on to become the kick-ass protagonists in the Bluewater Thriller series.

Fallen Out: Wayne Stinnett Retired Marine Jesse is finally ready to relax in the Florida Keys, but danger lurks — from the glittering beaches to the swampy Everglades.

The Inside Passage: Pendelton Wallace Somewhere on Canada’s Inside Passage, terrorists plot to destroy a cruise ship filled with celebrities and VIPs.

Trawler Trash: Ed Robinson Cruise the waters of Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean with Breeze, but keep one eye over your shoulder.

Troubled Sea: Jinx Schwartz Thriller set in Mexico’s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez, where the sea serpent is Mexico’s out of control drug trade.

Wood’s Relic: Steven Becker The Florida Keys looked like a good place to disappear until Mac Travis discovers a scheme to open a casino on a pristine key, and he has to fight off a crooked real estate developer, a Jersey mob boss and his crazy ex to save the island.

Life Lessons – Somewhere Between Black & White

When approaching life’s problems, Sophie sees in black and white. That is, when they’re someone else’s problems. So when it comes to her sister, Sophie is sure she has all the answers, and offers them without hesitation. If only her sister would listen.

Then, through a series of chance encounters, she meets Sam, who is witty, kind, and downright unflappable. Sophie has the overwhelming sense that she’s known him before, and as a relationship builds between them, odd visions invade her mind. Though she tries to dismiss them, their persistence will not allow it.

As someone who is quick to judge others, she is intrigued by Sam’s ability to accept people as they are. She begins to see him as a role model, but try as she may, his accepting nature is difficult to emulate.

Will Sophie ever be able to put her hasty judgments aside and realize not every problem has a simple solution?

Fantasy – Skin Deep

Warning: Mature reader recommendation- this book contains violence & torture
Abandoned by her mother and raised by her aloof Alpha father, panther shifter Kailin Odel has finally found a way to feel like she makes a difference. Discovering her unique power to track Wraith’s, Kailin moonlights as a Hunter – ridding the streets of Chicago of these soul-sucking demons. Her human friends have no idea the supernatural worlds exists alongside theirs. No idea shifter and demons walk in the shadows. And Kai prefers to keep it that way.
Until she discovers the body of a murdered shifter, and is quickly embroiled in a world of supernatural drug-dealing and renegade shifters who leave a trail of blood and mayhem wherever they go.

When Logan Westin, paranormal investigator and super-hot human, begins investigating the murder Kai refuses to allow her feelings to control her. Humans are off-limits, no matter how sizzlingly sexy they are. But can Kai keep him at bay? And does she even want to?
In her quest to find the killer Kai inadvertently puts her friends’ life in danger and brings her to the attention of the sadistic shifter killer. Her comfortable life is gone, her friend murdered, and shifters are disappearing around her. To survive and to save her friends, Kai must allow herself to trust Logan, to give her scarred heart to someone again.

                A New Adult Paranormal series with a strong female lead, a world filled with magic and creatures straight out of folk tales, legends and mythology – shapeshifters, demons, wraiths, magic and a good amount of mystery and suspense.

Thriller – Free Falling

When David and Sarah Woodson take a much-needed vacation with their ten-year old son, John, their intention is to find a relaxing, remote spot to take a break from the artificial stimulation of their busy world back in Jacksonville, Florida. What happens within hours of settling in to their rural, rustic little cottage in a far-flung spot on the coast of Ireland is an international incident that leaves the family stranded and dependent on themselves for their survival. Facing starvation, as well as looters and opportunists, they learn the hard way the important things in life. Can a family skilled only in modern day suburbia and corporate workplaces learn to survive when the world is flung back a hundred years? When there is no internet, no telephones, no electricity and no cars? And when every person near them is desperate to survive at any cost?

Thriller – Mud Vein (costs .99 cents)

When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat…and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one. Only the truth can set her free.

Thriller – White Gold

When Sarah Edgewater’s ex-husband is murdered by a radical organisation hell-bent on protecting their assets, she turns to Dan Taylor – geologist, ex-soldier, and lost cause. Together, they must unravel the research notes that Sarah’s ex-husband left behind to locate an explosive device that is circumnavigating the globe towards London – and time is running out.

In a fast-paced ecological thriller that spans the globe, from London to Brisbane and back via the Arctic Circle, Dan and Sarah aren’t just chasing the truth – they’re chasing a bomb that, if detonated, will change the future of alternative energy research and the centre of England’s capital forever.

Thriller – The Bold and the Free

Wade Boudreaux loves his life as a dedicated patrol officer and bachelor. Brash and outspoken, he’s a rising young star in his south Louisiana police department. But when Wade stops a massacre from happening at a school, his world is shaken in ways he couldn’t imagine. An unseen enemy arrives and unleashes a deadly form of revenge. In order to survive, Wade must learn to put his trust in mysterious and perhaps supernatural forces he doesn’t understand. Gripping and action-packed, THE BOLD AND THE FREE captures the heart of those sworn to serve and the bonds between their badges

Hmmm how to best classify this next one… it’s a thriller, a morality story and its political… but mostly its about the life of an alcoholic who tries to be more than that.

“When no one is watching”

On the eve of announcing his run for Congress, a charismatic Chicago politician causes a deadly accident. Panicked, he frames his best friend, a good-hearted alcoholic, and flees the scene. As one man tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, the other embarks on a meteoric rise to political stardom. But when a dogged detective digs deeper into the case, the political superstar must decide just how far he is willing to go to keep his dark secret. Author Joseph Hayes combines page-turning suspense with a poignant tale of inspiration and redemption as he asks, is “the greater good” just a lie we tell ourselves to justify the sins we commit when no one is watching?

Ok so I think that’s it for today…. hope you find something in the list you might enjoy.


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