Winter Solstice – the beginning. Written by me

The driveway was long, sandy with grass growing down the center where the tires never touched. The sandy area covered in generations of oyster shells, the sound of their crunch under the tires as they drove over them. A savanah of pine trees on either side of the drive made it more interesting. They turned a bend he hadn’t seen coming and there it was, her old family home, low country southern style, with many additions over the past 200 years just as she had said. Live oaks surrounded it, standing sentry duty with their dripping moss and now rain and sleet as well. The place looked strange in a beautiful sort of way. He could see what it had started out as, but with all the additions over the years it took on a shape and life of its own, almost magical with the cold myst creeping around it. All she seen was home.

In all the time the two had been seeing each other this was the first time he had been to her home. She had always insisted on staying with him, never allowing him to see where she came from. He wondered if she was ashamed, but quickley put that thought away because the land and the home was just too beautiful to be ashamed of… maybe she just didnt want to share it with him until now. That thought disturbed him.

They continued to sit in the truck as he looked around, avoiding the cold rain outside. He noticed a stream running through the property with a small stone bridge over it, moss growing up the sides. Was that a swimming pool beyond the house? He couldnt quite see, it did resemble one, in a natural form with rocks, as if mother nature provided it instead of human hands. Maybe it was just a pond that was well tended. He looked at the house again, noticing there were lights on and smoke coming from the four chimneys he counted.. four? “Hey, I thought you lived here alone?”

She looked over at him, smiling she said “Well I do have my house elves, but yeah, I live alone.”

His eyes narrowed as he thought about that, thinking it must be some little inner joke of hers and what she called the domestic help. Shrugging it off for now he said instead “Ready to make a dash for it?”

In answer to his question she pulled the keys from the ignition, grabbed her purse and opened the door. Slipping from inside the truck she landed on the ground with ease, though it was a good drop for her considering how small she was. He marveled at the way she moved, as if she flowed rather than moved. She could have been a ballerina the way she walked on air, compared to him as his strides ate up the earth with each step. He kept up with her as she piroetted across the parking area, with her arms outstretched and face turned to the sky, letting the rain wash her. He could hear her words, spoken as if to someone else… “Thank you dear mother for this bounty and father for this rain, this will be a good winter and I will take care of it all”.

Who are you talking too? he asked

Nature. She replied.

Sometimes she got weird like that, he just ignored it if it bothered him, but this time he smiled, he liked some of her quirkeyness. She was different than the other women he spent time with, they were predictable, he always went for the same kind. She was different and he hadnt been the one to chase her… she chased him. God only knows why, he knew he wasnt the kind of guy a nice girl brought home, so he never bothered with the nice girls. This one… she was nice, and innocent, which scared the hell out of him. He liked his women tough, he liked a good fight. He couldnt imagine ever lifting a hand to her, though the thought did slightly turn him on. Yes he was an ass hole. But she didnt know that side of him.

As they got closer to the house he noticed the Christmas tree in the window, the lights twinkling, the place looked too inviting, too magical… he didnt feel like he should intrude all of a sudden. He felt her hand slip into his and begin to pull him towards the porch, as if she had read his mind. He didnt resist, after all, he was the one to insist she let him see where she stayed. He just hadnt expected this.


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