Things to do when you’re older, single and bored on a Friday night…

She may not seem like much to you...
She may not seem like much to you…

Well first you create an avatar… and please lawd make it purty!  No one likes the look of a noob!  So that means joining Secondlife with a little change in yer pocket so you can get yourself a decent look.  And if you don’t have the skills to design a decent look they have shapes you can buy as well!   A good skin has to be your foundation.  Personally Im all about … oh never mind, you find what you like, its your second life.  But let me say one more thing about your avatar… its your fantasy version of you.  We all know none of us look this damn good, hell if we did we wouldn’t be here now would we?  Well ok some of us would because of either health reasons or.. we’re anti-social in real world settings.  Point is, this being your second life you get to be whatever you want to be. Just be happy… and don’t be an asshole!

Ok so lets say you have your avatar and it is lookin all hot n stuff… so what to do?  If your on a good machine (Jealous!) then you can hit up all the clubs and meet new people and make friends… people who ‘get you’ people who become your tribe!  You can learn to make things or build things, you can program, you can DJ, you can write poetry and read it over your mic to others… you can sail a boat, fly a plane, make love on a sandy beach… you can do what ever you want.  Or… you can create your fantasy world… a place you can call home…  If I had a decent machine I might actually could take better pictures, but this is what I have and this is what I do.  I love creating little pieces of paradise for me, for you for whoever wants it.  I love it as much as I love photography.seriously_020_edited seriously_021_edited seriously_022_edited seriously_023_edited seriously_024_edited seriously_034_edited seriously_035_edited seriously_036_edited

Enjoy your Second Life!


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