I’ve come to the conclusion….

SecondLife was not built for laptops.  I’m sure there are people out there that would argue this but let me first explain that your average laptop wasn’t built to handle that game… or most game’s for that matter.  If you want to use a laptop for gaming of any kind you have to buy upgraded parts that will handle the games… so therefor my argument is valid.

The laptop I’m using which isn’t mine, only borrowed, is not meant for games, so my little virtual world is greatly depleted at the moment leaving me pretty lonely.  I can log on, but I mostly have to stay in one place where there are few people and then even having conversations tend to get interrupted when the computer freezes up and I have to wait it out or close down which is very frustrating.  With everything that has gone wrong recently it leaves me feeling like a sad-sack – as if nothing goes right.  But I know myself, and to be honest, being sad and lonely is not my personality so this is driving me nuts!!! *Grabs a shot of whiskey*

It takes all kinds
Sanctuary of Rock (SoR) hosts all kinds of avitars with one common thread… the love of Rock music.

The good news of the day is that Sanctuary of Rock is having an outstanding Halloween Party on the 24th… the down side is I can’t attend.  BUT… I love that club, so if you are a second life player be sure to go party with them and tell them the elf sent you!

I’ll be listening in on the internet radio station they have.

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  1. jennspoint says:

    I’ve ONLY experienced Second Life as a laptop user (since 2010), and can definitely relate to the “sad sack” feeling. It’s exasperating how the constant changes and upgrades require equipment and software that the average user simply cannot afford. Don’t even get me started on the lag, the crashes, the constant need for “clean” installs, the cumulative hours spent looking at gray blobs, the low-quality visuals, the inability to experience both graphics and audio at the same time…. Still, it’s better than anything else I’ve been able to experience online, so at some point a while back I made a decision to just enjoy the grid as long as I can. I’m not going to invest $2K or more in the gaming equipment and software needed for the optimum experience, because this is a hobby, and having to get a second job to pay for my second life would defeat the purpose. 😉 But there is still a lot I can do that is fun. It is what it is.

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    1. Lacey Loo says:

      I have always been a desktop user but recently lost mine… but it was time, the old girl lived a long life as far as computers go. It will be a little while before I can get a new one so I am thankful for the use of this lil guy… though he has no balls. LOL! And yes you are right I can’t listen to music and play at the same time, so hosting is pretty hard, and since this lil machine has started freezing up even hosting has stopped. But I wont give up SL LOL!

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