My first blog… oh how cool!

I’m trying to modernize myself, coming out of the dark ages of just posting on facebook.  And yet I can’t think of anything interesting to say right now, instead the television keeps grabbing my attention and the new show Griselda is making me laugh.

being weird

So lets start with the basics because I have seen others do this on other blog pages. First of all, my shape is my own at all times, it has taken me 8 years to create Lacey, I have several shapes for her depending on the skin she’s wearing and if she is being human or elf at the time of the photo. But I’ll do my best to always tell you what skin, hair, shoes, and clothing she’s wearing – and hope your interested in knowing. Or maybe I’ll just be talking to myself. Either way *shrug* I’m still going to write. Sometimes I might write a short story… maybe some erotica because that’s ALWAYS fun!


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